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Make your own glass dome jewelry

You will need:

  • Setting images (*read about image quality/paper/printing)

  • Glass cabochons (domes)

  • Settings (Click here for available settings)

  • Glue (We highly recommend Pattex Pro Epoxy Transparent)

  • Punch/Scissors

  • Plastic sheeting

Let's get cracking: 


Choose the image you would like to use. If your image is already printed, make sure that your image is printed on high quality photo paper (Good quality photo paper won't split or looks like it got wet). Test a small area.. If you want to print your image(s), we recommend printing with a colour laser printer onto photo quality paper.


If you have a punch, now is the time to punch out the correct size for the dome (10, 12, 14, 16 or 25mm). If you will be using scissors, don't cut anything at this stage. Just use the design as is.


Setup your area by placing a thin piece of plastic (like transparency film) on a flat, hard surface and get all your supplies ready and close by.


Mix a pea size epoxy glue, thoroughly. Spread a very thin layer of glue onto the back/flat side of the glass cabochon (dome)


Stick the cabochon (dome) onto the printed design and make sure that no white edges are visible when viewing from the top.


Press hard to squeeze out any trapped air bubbles (will show as dark spots). Keep checking that the glass doesn't slide around or that new bubbles form. Will take approx. 5 minutes for the glue to set, but waiting longer before handling the cabochon is always best.


Make sure the glue is dry and then start cutting around the cabochon (dome) with your scissors, right next to the cabochon (dome)


Mix another pea size epoxy glue and put a small drop directly into the setting to be used (ie. earring, bracelet, pendant, etc.). Press firmly for 2-3 seconds. You do not have to worry about any excess glue that might ooze from the edge. Leave to dry completely (about 5-15 minutes)


If any glue got on top of the cabochon (dome), you can easily scratch it off with scissors - this will not scratch the glass.

STEP 10:

Enjoy your new stunning jewelry!